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    I think I could write textbooks

    "Classical conditioning, also known as respondent conditioning, has been an area of interest for behavioral psychologists ever since it was introduced in the late 1800’s by Ivan Pavlov. His research into classical conditioning remains the process’ most famous example. Pavlov trained a dog to salivate at the sound of a metronome after repeatedly pairing it with the presentation of food. Classical conditioning remains an important area of study for psychologists because it reveals the principles of behavior that are the most basic; everything from salivation to interpersonal attraction can be explained through classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is also a key factor in the study and practice of behavior modification; a good understanding of it is essential if one is looking to enter the field of applied behavioral analysis. The research being conducted for this paper goes back to the basics of behavioral psychology and provides an important background necessary for understanding of further research into classical conditioning. The questions at the heart of this research paper are what effects various levels of stimulus have on behaviors, and how will these varying levels effect habituation and sensitization. "


    But to give myself a little credit this seems not shit. 

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Moraine Lake, Alberta. Pretty much perfect! #ScoutForth folks. Photo by @clophotographycalgary


    Moraine Lake, Alberta. Pretty much perfect! #ScoutForth folks. Photo by @clophotographycalgary

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    So bored I’m on tumblr what’s up?

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    Can we talk about how bad I want Dallas to lose?

    The stars fans are so irritating on here. They’d make a million posts about how Seguin had his first playoff fart with the Stars.

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